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Our archive provides a wide range of quality publications that showcase our technical knowledge and opinions.

About Industry Papers

 KES’ "industry papers" is a series of publications focused on propagating awareness and solutions among professionals in the energy and engineering industry. It features captivating illustrations and is written in lecture or first-person explanatory format giving a conversational feeling to our audience. Industry papers uses a unique referencing system and a peer review system populated by our network of academicians and experienced industry professionals. Reviewers of publications can be viewed by the URL provided at the “Reviewers” section of each publication.

  KES’ industry papers features various genres distinguished by the focus’ depth range and angle on a selected topic.
  • KES notes: It presents a general exposition on a selected topic
  • KES Insights: It presents KES’ perspectives on a given topic of concern
  • In-Depth Notes: It presents a more technical exposition on a given topic
  • KES Review: It presents our opinions and views on a trending industry topic
  • Future Notes: It presents futuristic ideas on certain solutions or scenarios which may not have a complete scientific explanation but will no doubt propel the industry forward

KES Notes

KES Indepth Notes

KES Review

KES Insights

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